A school corner, for what?

The schools corner is a complement to our magazines to share the best practices to use our books in your class.

1) We feature articles and essays about the faith by children and school administrators.

2) In Living with Christ Kids and Living with Christ Bata, we provide games and puzzles to make the learning more interactive and fun!

3) We allow children to ask questions about the faith and answer them in a child friendly manner.

4) Our text are best suited for young learners who are willing to know more of the Catholic faith is a fun and interactive way.

5) Our colorful pictures and illustrations entice young learners’ attention.

6) The colorful pages of our publication makes it worth reading and its pages worth flipping!

7) An ideal companion and guide for children in their daily prayer.

8) Encourages children to fully participate in building and nourishing their faith.

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