Living with Christ- NOVEMBER ISSUE 2022

Living with Christ- NOVEMBER ISSUE 2022

Bayard Philippines


Let our hearts be directed to God, the author of our lives!

This November, Living with Christ will guide each of us to deeply understand the essence of living a life pleasing to God.

As we commemorate All Souls Day, Fr. Alex Castro reminds us to pray for all the dead, especially for the souls in purgatory, to reflect on our lives and to do good deeds as we shall all go back to our Father, who is all good and righteous.

Fr. Jose Allan Diaz captures us with the beauty of the Beatitudes, thus, stirring in us a desire to truthfully seek for the Kingdom of God present within us and "to give a glimpse of light to the people who most need our helping hands."

For the Young Disciples, Ignatius Benedict Panigbatana shares the inspiring life of St. Augustine, revealing to us that though we might have a past, sinful life, we still have a chance to choose to follow God and to eventually be used by Him to share His transforming love, to influence others, and to finally live a holy life.

May our purpose be fulfilled through Christ this November!