How to Talk to Children and Teens about COVID-19- E-book

How to Talk to Children and Teens about COVID-19- E-book SALE

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What doctors say about the product?

“A virus that human beings have not seen before is now infecting millions of people all over the globe....If this is difficult for adults to fathom, it is nearly impossible for children and teens to understand.”

In How to Talk to Children and Teens about COVID-19, pediatrician and theologian Dr. Pat Fosarelli* helps parents, teachers, and caregivers have honest, compassionate conversations with children and teens about this worldwide tragedy and provide hope for a better future. With activities for helping kids of all ages—from preschoolers to teens—explore their own reactions and consider what they can do for others right now, this downloadable booklet features topics for discussion such as:

  • The science behind the infection and why certain measures are recommended.
  • The many different responses that children, teens, and adults might be experiencing right now, including fear, anxiety, anger, denial, loneliness, apathy, and loss of faith.
  • Why bad things happen and the role God plays in tragedies.
*Pat Fosarelli, MD, D.Min., is a pediatrician, theologian, and lay minister. 

"Unknown things bring fear, anxiety, and negative emotions. To address this, we try to educate ourselves and find comfort in those around us. Children are not little adults. Books or sources that can help them understand what is happening around them will help their awareness about the coronavirus pandemic. 
Parents, together with their children, should read and be informed about this new virus. Learning together is also a bonding experience that families can share. 
This material brings security and knowledge and allay uncertainties of parents and their children. Thus, I recommend this e-book to help us educate our children on what they need to know about Covid-19 and understand what they are experiencing during this difficult time". 
Dr. Anna Imperial, MBA is a pediatrician at The Medical City and Ortigas Hospital and Health Care Center
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