Living With Christ - AUGUST 2020

Living With Christ - AUGUST 2020

Bayard Philippines


Highlights of Living With Christ Philippines Edition - August 2020 ISSUE
The August issue features the famous Filipino San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila. August 28 is the feast of Saint Augustine. 

The outside cover also features a prayer to Saint John the Baptist whose Passion we celebrate on August 29. Let us offer offer a prayer to St. John the Baptist. Go to the outside back cover of Living with Christ August issue.

2. Fr. Alex Castro writes the Magnificat version during pandemic time: The Magnificat of coronavirus survivors.

3. The liturgical calendar explains liturgical feasts and celebrations this August based on the Philippine Ordo. 

4. A Prayer for Each Day features beautiful prayers and sayings of saints attuned to one's daily devotion.

5. Our Praying with Scriptures this month features our ability to recognize a gift despite difficult moments. Despite our anxieties and fears, can we still recognize and be thankful for a gift and be thankful for it?

6. August 15 is the feast of the Our Lady of the Assumption. What is our prayer to the Virgin as she was taken up to heaven, body and soul? Do we also trust God's mercy that we too will share the Assumption of Mary one day?

7. SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU! - This month is special because it is the feast of the patron saint of the congregation running our company! The Augustinians of the Assumption follows the rules of Saint Augustine whose feast we celebrate August 28. Like Saint Augustine, may we believe that it is never too late to repent and go back to God.