Living with Christ- AUGUST ISSUE 2022

Living with Christ- AUGUST ISSUE 2022

Bayard Philippines


Let us all be transformed by the glory of the Lord!

As we walk with Living with Christ August 2022 Issue, we will witness the working power of our Lord.

Fr. Jay Lituañas shows us how the transfiguration of Christ has become a gamechanger for the disciples and how their faith was renewed by the event.

On the commemoration of the death of San Roque, Mr. David Olano inspires us to look at the life of San Roque who continued to serve the Lord without fear and with love towards the sick.

As we read the words of Fr. Aron Gantioque in Praying the Scriptures, we are reminded to be humble and not to be easily tempted with our pride, for us not to be led to hypocrisy.

Lastly, Mr. Gerald Bagasin emphasizes that living is not just a matter of getting through the day, that in order for us to experience a foretaste of the promises of God, we should become followers of Christ, living with meaning, hope and purpose.

May we listen to the voice of God and let us do to His will!