Living With Christ Digital - October 2020 Digital Version

Living With Christ Digital - October 2020 Digital Version

Bayard Philippines

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Here are the highlights of LWC october issue :
1. The october issue cover features a festival of an Indigenous group in island of Mindanao. On October. 18, we celebrate Sunday for Cultures to thank the Lord for gift of culture and creation.
2. Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa reflects on the Filipino devotion to the Rosary.
3. The liturgical calendar explains liturgical feasts and celebrations this October based on the Philippine Ordo.

4. A Prayer for Each Day features beautiful prayers and sayings of saints attuned to one's daily devotion.

5. This Month's Scriptures of Father James McTavish gives readers a view of poverty and how it makes churchgoers closer to God..
6. October 7 is the feast of the Holy Rosary. Pray the rosary and celebrate the mass using the readings for the day.
7. SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU! - October 22 is the feast of Saint John Paul II. Go to page 206 for the novena in honor of Saint John Paul II.