Living With Christ - July 2020 - Digital Version

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Living With Christ July 2020 Issue

    1. The July issue features the feast of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel (July 16). Wearing the scapular is a popular devotion to many Filipinos. Let us offer offer a prayer to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Go to the outside back cover of Living with Christ July issue.

    2. Fr. Bernard Holzer explains in his editorial the relevance of the Benedictine's motto: Ora et Labora (prayer and work) during this difficult time.

    3. The liturgical calendar explains liturgical feasts and celebrations this July based on the Philippine Ordo. 

    4. A Prayer for Each Day features beautiful prayers and sayings of saints attuned to one's daily devotion.

    5. Our Praying with Scriptures this month features fear and isolation one may encounter during a pandemic. Any person may face rejection yet feels hopeful in the end!

    6. July 31 is the feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Are you not aware that one of his prayers is a song we almost listen to in every mass? Go to page 209 to find what his prayer is, a prayer that we have learned to sing!

    7. SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU! - We have a Covid-19 survivor in our Living with Christ group! Yes, Father Jay Lituañas had been infected yet recovered from coronavirus. Read his works in the daily meditations during the first week as he reflects upon his recovery.