Living with Christ- JULY ISSUE 2022

Living with Christ- JULY ISSUE 2022

Bayard Philippines


Let our lives be a message of God's goodness!

In our July 2022 Issue, Living with Christ features the icon of St. Benedict on its cover. As we commemorate his life, Fr. Bernard Holzer puts emphasis on St. Benedict's motto: (Ora et Labora) Prayer and Work, in which he highlighted how every work begins with prayer.

As we continue to walk through this missal, we will understand more our role as missionary disciples, as well as the importance of fraternity or "pagkakapatiran" in the family, as revealed by Ms. Cory Villafania.

Also, Mr. Daryl De Guzman reminds us that life becomes more meaningful when we find space for prayer in our day-to-day activities.

Lastly, Mr. Robert James Soriano invites us to honor and celebrate the World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly, as they have become our guiding light that led us to who and what we are today.

May we devote more time with the Lord in prayer as we work for His glory!