Living With Christ - June 2020 - Digital Version

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Living With Christ June 2020 Issue

  • Prayer for Fathers' Day. Fathers' Day is on June 21. Let us offer a prayer for our father found at the outside back cover of Living with Christ June issue.
  • Alex Castro explains in his editorial why our frontliners are our modern-day heroes.
  • The liturgical calendar explains liturgical feasts and celebrations this June based on the Philippine Ordo. 
  • Praying with Scriptures entitled Remember Covid-19 provides insights on how God moves in our lives to deliver us from the pandemic just as how He delivered the people of Israel from their bondage in Egypt.
  • A student writes in Young Disciples how a child is growing in a pandemic. Interesting ideas of a child!
  • The Christian in Daily life by Mrs. Cory Villafania pays tribute to Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECS) as we celebrate Basic Ecclesial Community Sunday on June 7.
  • SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU!- This month we bring you to LECTIO DIVINA. The June issue serves as guide in doing Lectio Divina. Learn how to pray using the Bible.You can do this with you family and friends inside your homes!