Living With Christ - JUNE 2021

Living With Christ - JUNE 2021

Bayard Philippines

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Know the highlights of the Living with Christ June 2021 issue:


1. Welcome back dear subscribers! After a month of having an e-copy of Living with Christ in May, the June issue is back! You can hold your favorite Living with Christ once more and flip its pages.

2. The editorial of Father Jay Lituanas, AA explains the Sanctification of Priests as they bring God to humankind and humankind back to God.


3. Pray the Morning and Evening Prayers using the psalms and readings of the week.


4. The liturgical calendar explains liturgical feasts and celebrations this June based on the Philippine Ordo.

5. A Prayer for Each Day features beautiful prayers and sayings of saints attuned to one's daily devotion.
6. This Month's Scriptures by Verbum Dei Father James McTavish talks about the Corpus Christi and fidelity in and to the Body of Christ.
7. The Christian in Daily Life reflection of Mrs. Cory Villafania features John the Baptist’s words “He must increase while I must decrease.”
8. IN his daily reflections, Father Bernard Holzer, AA tackles how the law is perfected by love making love as the supreme law in Catholic faith.
9. Our Local Church reflection features Christ’s broken body in preparation for the Solemnity of the Corpus Christi.