Mary Collection (Special Pack)

Mary Collection (Special Pack)

Praying the Rosary

Remember when you were first learning to count, and you would use your fingers to keep track? The Rosary works in the same way. It is a prayer organized in an easy way to remember both the words of the Bible and the most important stories from the life of Jesus. The prayers that make up the Rosary are very simple, and most of the words come right from the Bible. Use the colorful stickers in this booklet to learn the Rosary step by step, and it will serve you as a useful reminder of a devotion that will last a lifetime!

Learning all about Mary

Jesus loves her. The saints love her. And we love Mary too! Here you’ll learn more about why our Blessed Mother Mary is loved so much by so many people all around the world. You’ll learn how Jesus’ mom is our mom too! Plus, there are colorful stickers and fun activities to help you learn about Mary, who loves you too!

Praying the Mass

The Mass is a very important celebration because it is a memorial of Jesus’ saving death and glorious resurrection. It is a moment you share with your family and members of your parish. In this interactive booklet, you’ll learn the many parts of the Mass – prayers, responses, gestures and songs – that together form the source of our Christian life and its highest expression. Plus, there are colorful stickers to help you become an expert in the Order of the Mass!