About us

Bayard creates periodicals, books, worship and devotional resources, and formation materials to inform and inspire, to spread the Gospel, to explore the beauty of the Catholic faith, and to continue the Church’s rich tradition of dialogue.

Bayard’s publications reach over a million readers each month to provide information, inspiration, and guidance.

Through each one of them, we seek to uphold a single mission: To serve the Catholic Community, to contribute to the unity of the Church, and to witness to God’s love.

Bayard reaches 36 million readers everywhere on the planet!

We are Bayard– a media company of international scope with a unique history that goes back nearly 140 years.

Bayard’s trademark stands for editorial excellence and innovation at the service of demanding readers of all ages – from toddlers to teens, and young adults to seniors. Inspired by the Assumptionists, every one of our initiatives seeks to

reflect and promote positive values rooted in the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life.