Valentine's Day 2024


Pray your way through forgiveness

In picking up this booklet, you are taking a step toward forgiveness and, ultimately, a step toward love.

In this new booklet, Nicole Sotelo walks us through the spiritual practice of forgiveness and shows us how to welcome God’s healing into the painful places of our lives.

Through stories, Scripture wisdom, and prayer reflections, she helps us understand the process of forgiveness: what it is—and what it is not. From that first courageous step of acknowledging wounds, through the active steps of healing, Sotelo gently reminds readers of Jesus’ invitation to walk with him on the journey of forgiveness toward a new life of peace, love, and joy.

Great Love in Little Ways 

Is there anything more needed in our world today than kindness? In this little gem of a book, best-selling author and spiritual guide, Gunilla Norris helps us learn to cultivate kindness in all aspects of our daily lives – upon waking to the sunshine, through our work and daily bread, when offering a safe space to a friend.

Great Love in Little Ways is a book to savor and read over again as it broadens our awareness of God’s kind and loving presence in today’s sometimes harsh and chaotic world.

Healing wounded relationships

How we communicate, listen, grow in intimacy, and forgive are crucial to a lasting, spiritual relationship. The author offers wise and practical advice in all these areas. He also offers guidance for times of loss, healing, grief, and anxiety, especially as these affect our relationships.

Dr. Padovaniâ's experience as a marriage counselor enables him to give profound insights into the relationships which make up marriage and family life. If you are seeking practical, caring, and experienced help in any of your relationships, Healing Wounded Hearts is an excellent companion for your journey.