World Day of the Sick 2024

World Day of the Sick 2024

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  • Healing Day by Day 

Scripture, Reflections, Practices and Prayers

We are all in need of healing. Whether were afflicted with cancer or bitterness, addiction or anger, chronic physical conditions or mental illness, this spiritually nourishing work can help us discover Gods healing grace in our lives, even if its not the therapeutic solution we had in mind. Over the course of a year, these weekly scripture readings and meditations, plus daily prayers and practices, can be integrated into a daily routine or used as the need arises.

  • Healing Wounded Emotions

A bestseller for over a decade, this book explains how our emotional and spiritual lives interact. Challenges readers to live fuller, more satisfying lives.

  • Hanging onto Hope 

Reflections and prayers for finding “good” in an imperfect world

Our world is yearning for signs of hope, and with images like these, Melannie Svoboda helps us open our hearts to hope, even in the darkest of times, she explores the relationships between hope and faith, love, courage, prayer, pain, and sorrow. She also offers short prayers and questions for personal reflection or group sharing.