Bible Discovery Complete Set

Bible Discovery Complete Set SALE

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The complete set includes :

Learning about the Bible

The Bible is a gift from God—to children and the whole world! All new content, including colorful stickers and activities, help children appreciate that the Bible is filled with stories, adventures, letters and much more, all revealing God’s great love for us.

Starting with Adam and Eve and meeting fascinating people all along the way until we get to God’s own Son, Jesus, readers will be delighted as they become hooked on God’s great book!

Miracles of Jesus                                                                                              

We talk about miracles all the time: “It will be a miracle if we win this game.” Or, “I got an A on that test—what a miracle!” Sure, those could be miracles, but Jesus performed true miracles. He healed the sick, calmed storms and even brought the dead to life. Why did he do this? One word: Love. Learn more about Jesus’ miracles and God’s love for you in this little booklet!

Heroes of the New Testament

God has a heroic life planned for you. So, get started learning how to live it by reading about other heroes-the people who followed Jesus. Here you can read about brave adventures, uncertain heroes and much more. Plus, there are stickers, puzzles and games to keep the adventures going.

Heroes of the Old Testament                                                                       

Meet some of the most amazing and interesting heroes ever! There’s Joseph, who started as a slave but became one the Pharaoh’s top men; Moses, who was hidden in a floating basket in the river; Esther, who put her own life on the line to save her people, and many more. Read their stories, use the stickers, learn about some of their incredible achievements and play some games about them.