Living with Christ- MARCH/HOLY WEEK ISSUE 2024

Living with Christ- MARCH/HOLY WEEK ISSUE 2024

Bayard Philippines


Let us witness the unfathomable love of Christ for each of us!

Living with Christ brings you a Special Holy Week Edition, featuring on its front cover an image portraying Christ carrying the Cross.

This March, we will get to reflect on the past Holy Week reflections of His Eminence, Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle.

As we get deeper in our time with the Lord, Bishop Honesto Ongtioco reminds us that as we aim to share in the glory of Christ in the coming Easter, we must not forget to walk with others, to accept them, reconcile with them, and recognize each of them as our brothers and sisters.

In this Month’s Scriptures, Fr. Aron Gantioque reveals to us the essence of the Crown of Thorns, which leads us to a deep introspection, guiding us to look at our own struggles and pain, which also reminds us of the promise of Christ’s resurrection.

Finally, The Way of the Cross guides us to walk through the path of Christ.

May we grow deeper in love with our Savior, Jesus Christ.