Summer Set 2023

Summer Set 2023 SALE

Bayard Philippines

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Discover the Word of God and nourish your child's faith this summer through these inspiring booklets that refresh the soul!

The complete set includes:

  • Welcome you belong

This colorful sticker booklet is a wonderful way to invite children to learn about the sights and celebrations that are seen in the Catholic Church where we are blessed to share Jesus’ welcoming words, “Let the children come to me...for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” A great handout for parish visitors and guests ages 5-10.

  • Miracles of Jesus

We talk about miracles all the time: “It will be a miracle if we win this game.” Or, “I got an A on that test—what a miracle!” Sure, those could be miracles, but Jesus performed true miracles. He healed the sick, calmed storms and even brought the dead to life. Why did he do this? One word: Love.

Learn more about Jesus’ miracles and God’s love for you in this little booklet!

New with all our Stickers Booklets : The Teaching Guide

Lead a fun and information-filled class as you teach the tenants of our Catholic faith to children ages 7-10. This easy-to-use teaching guide is written to accompany the Miracles of Jesus sticker booklet. Use as a guide for a complete 1-hour class, or easily incorporate the material into your weekly Religious Education classes. These lessons are certain to stick with children as they live out their faith.

  • Living the Beatitudes

Pope Francis once told a crowd of more than 6000 people to repeat each of the Beatitudes after him! So why are the Beatitudes so important? Because they are the way Jesus wants us to live. When we follow the Beatitudes, we are full of joy – Christ’s joy. This little booklet can show you how to get started! Use the stickers and fun activities to learn more about the Beatitudes and Jesus’ love for you.

Inside: crossword, “be a beatitudes kid” with tips on how to follow the Beatitudes in your life, quotes of the Bible and Pope Francis to support the Explanations.