A Year of Love and Peace!

A Year of Love and Peace!
by Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa
At the beginning of this New Year, during the prayer of the Angelus on January 1st, Pope Francis is inviting us to look to Mary and to mothers, to learn what is love.
In his words, love is to “make room for the other, respecting their dignity, leaving the freedom to express themselves, rejecting every form of possession, oppression and violence. There is so much need for this today, so much! There is so much need for silence to listen to each other.”
“Freedom and peaceful coexistence are threatened whenever human beings yield to the temptation to selfishness, self-interest, the desire for profit and the thirst for power”.
“Love, on the other hand, consists of respect, it consists of kindness: in this way, it breaks down barriers and helps us to live fraternal relationships, to build up more just, more humane, more peaceful societies.”
“Let us pray to Mary Mother of God, and our Mother, that in the New Year we may grow in this meek, silent and discreet love that generates life, and open paths of peace and reconciliation in the world.”
“May the Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of God, support with her maternal intercession the intention and the commitment to be peacemakers every day, every day of the New Year too, every day, peacemakers. Bringing peace.”
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