An emergency novena for peace

An emergency novena for peace

By Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa

 An "emergency" novena for peace in the Middle East will take place from July 16 to 24, 2024. This proposal is a spiritual response to the growing tensions afflicting the Middle East region.

 The novena will begin on July 16, the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Israel, and will end on July 24, the feast day of the Lebanese Maronite Saint Charbel Makhlouf.

These nine (9) days of prayer will allow the whole world to implore the protection of Christians and all innocent civilians in the region, especially in Israel and Lebanon.


With Pope Francis, we believe that prayer can ward off war. »

Let us spread this initiative. Let us pray:

 Peace in the Middle East

God of mercy and compassion,
of grace and reconciliation,
pour your power upon all your children in the Middle East:
Jews, Muslims and Christians,
Palestinians and Israelis.
Let hatred be turned into love, fear to trust, despair to hope,
oppression to freedom, occupation to liberation,
that violent encounters may be replaced by loving embraces,
and peace and justice could be experienced by all.

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