Corpus Christi Sunday

Corpus Christi Sunday

By Jen Avisado

Corpus Christi is Latin for the “Body of Christ.” We celebrate it as solemnity on the Sunday after the Most Holy Trinity Sunday. It is fitting that after the feast of the Holy Trinity, each of us is assured of the presence of the God that we yearn, in the Eucharist. The Mass is where the real presence of Jesus Christ is. It is in the Mass where we find the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we procession the Body and Blood of Christ on this day, may we be reminded of the real and actual presence of Christ within our midst. He did not abandon us. He kept his promise to be actually present with us through the Eucharist.

How do we treat the Mass? Do we treat it simply an obligatory event? Do we treat it with reverence –a time to meet and spend time with our Lord?


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