By Judith Ayo

Discipleship is the act of being a disciple. Biblically, a disciple is somebody who studies about Christ, a student who believes and follows the teachings of Christ. He has his mission and that is to continue and fulfill the Lord’s work by spreading the Good News, witnessing for Him, and recruiting other disciples in Jesus’ name.

Discipleship carries with it a sincere meaning of commitment for Christ’s mission of LOVE and TRUTH. Social standing does not matter for only a real love for Jesus and His people is required. Whether a person is rich or poor, young or old, he is called for this sacred task. And he can always avail of the many ways offered these days to enrich discipleship like holy retreats and recollections, bible study, liturgical celebrations and many more.

However, it is the VIRTUOUS man who is likely to be a true disciple; the man who answers the call of the times; the man who shares his resources to those in need; the man who teaches about the faith and serves in humility.

The present time and even in Christ’s time, the meaning of discipleship does not vary. The challenge is the same: to live Christ’s life and hope to reach its fullness when the time comes.

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