Eucharistic People

Eucharistic People

By Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa

 In the Philippines, the faithful like to participate in the Eucharist.

 As soon as they pass through a place where Mass is being celebrated, they stop, participate in it and receive communion. Is it not said that the Filipinos form a Eucharistic people?

 But are we fully so?

 This question came to my mind while listening to Pope Francis' Angelus at Corpus Christi Sunday:

 “Let us understand, then, that celebrating the Eucharist and eating this Bread, as we do especially on Sundays, is not an act of worship detached from life or a mere moment of personal consolation; we must always remember that Jesus took the bread, broke it and gave it to them and, therefore, communion with Him makes us capable of also becoming bread broken for others, capable of sharing what we are and what we have. Saint Leo the Great said: ‘Our participation in the body and blood of Christ tends to make us become what we eat’ (Sermon XII on the Passion, 7).

 This, brothers and sisters, is what we are called to: to become what we eat, to become “Eucharistic”, that is, people who no longer live for themselves (cf. Rm 14:7), no, in the logic of possession, of consumption, no, people who know how to make their own life a gift for others, yes. In this way, thanks to the Eucharist, we become prophets and builders of a new world: when we overcome selfishness and open ourselves up to love, when we cultivate bonds of fraternity, when we participate in the sufferings of our brothers and sisters and share bread and resources with those in need, when we make all our talents available, then we are breaking the bread of our life like Jesus.”

 May we meditate and live joyfully this teaching during this week

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