Ora et Labora, today’s way of life

Ora et Labora, today’s way of life

By Fr. Bernard Holzer, AA

Many of us have remain scarred or even wounded by our battle with coronavirus. We were forced to live in confinement, to review our relationships, our schedule and pace in life - our prayer and work. We found ourselves facing ourselves and God asking essential questions such as the meaning of life and death.

How are we? Have we resumed our lives like before? Are we trying to make up for lost time?

Saint Benedict whose feast we celebrate on the 11th of this month is a good guide in rebuilding our life after this pandemic. Benedict was a simple man and had a good sense of the concrete. He liked to rely on examples rather than principles. His ideal is a balanced life of prayer and work - "Ora et Labora", fraternal charity, work and rest.

This well-balanced habit aims to build a harmonious and fulfilled life following Christ to safeguard the earth, our common home.

Pope Francis invites us in his encyclical "Laudato Si" to pray and to return to the Scriptures. Let us practice Lectio Divina to hear Christ speak by sending us in a mission. Through this, we become collaborators of God. And let us not forget that while we work for the coming of the Kingdom, we too must rest, just as God did on the seventh day of creation.



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