Our own Emmaus

Our own Emmaus

By Reginald Falcotelo


In the gospel this Sunday, we find the two disciples recounting their encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus. As they share their experience, Jesus himself appears among them, bringing a sense of awe and wonder. Despite their initial disbelief and confusion, Jesus offers them peace and seeks to alleviate their doubts by showing them his hands and feet, bearing the scars of his crucifixion. This act serves to authenticate his identity as the risen Savior, fulfilling the prophecies and promises of Scripture.


There is importance in encountering Jesus personally. Just as he appeared to his disciples, Jesus desires to reveal himself to each of us in a way that transcends mere knowledge or hearsay. His presence brings peace, understanding, and a deeper sense of purpose. The Risen Lord also appears to us in our journey to Emmaus. Our lives are our own Emmaus where Jesus actually walks with us. How do we deal with him in our journey? Do we engage with Him on God’s plan, not our own plans?

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