The Pillars of the Church

The Pillars of the Church

By Jeny Avisado


On June 29, we celebrate the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Saints Peter and Paul, two of the most prominent figures in early Christianity, embody the spirit and mission of the Church in its formative years. Reflecting on their lives and contributions offers a profound understanding of faith, leadership, and the transformative power of grace.


St. Peter, originally named Simon, was a fisherman called by Jesus to be one of His first disciples. Peter's journey is marked by his impulsive nature, deep devotion, and human frailty. His declaration of Jesus as the Messiah and his subsequent leadership of the early Christian community showcase his role as the 'rock' upon which the Church was built.


Saint Paul, formerly known as Saul, represents one of the most dramatic conversions in Christian history. A zealous persecutor of Christians, Paul's encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus transformed him into a fervent apostle. His extensive missionary journeys, theological insights, and numerous epistles contributed significantly to the spread and doctrinal foundation of Christianity.


We are called to Peter and Paul in modern times. We need to testify to the Truth that is Christ – willing to give up our life and comforts for the Gospel. Saints Peter and Paul, teach us to be modern witnesses of Jesus!

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