The Trinity in my life

The Trinity in my life

 By Father Bernard Holzer, aa


The Trinity remains a deep mystery! It brings us back to the mystery of life.  We think we dominate it, understand it. It remains a mystery. It is a gift.

Do I believe in the word of Jesus who reveals God his Father to us and promises us the gift of the Spirit?

This mystery is telling us that God is not a lonely and jealous being, but that he is relationship and love. In God no one speaks for himself, no one proposes or wants to convince the other of his position. In God no one wants to impose himself, everyone shares what he has received.

To experience this mystery, let's take the time to contemplate on the love of a couple who takes care of their child. It introduces us into the mystery of love and communion. Let us take the time to contemplate on the search for unity in a diversified society or community such as the Church. Is this not the profound meaning of the reflection on synodality?

With the Trinity, we are at the heart of the mystery of relationship. Why do two beings love each other and decide to give birth to a child? Why are we in solidarity with the poor? Why are we called to love those who do not love us?

We are children of the Trinity: none of us is an island, and God is not far from us. The mystery of the Trinity is an invitation to rethink about our conception of God and our way of living in society.

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