Time to renew our lives

Time to renew our lives

By Rene Sandoval

Each year, we begin the new liturgical year with a four-week celebration of Advent. Advent is our season of beginning which focuses on waiting. The scripture reminds us to actively wait for the coming of the Lord as king at the end-time.

Henri Nouwen once said, “In our personal lives, waiting is not a very popular pastime. Waiting is not something we anticipate or experience with great joy and gladness! Most of us consider waiting a waste of time. Perhaps this is because the culture in which we live is saying, "Get going! Do something! Show you can make a difference! Don't just sit there and wait!"

For many people, waiting is that place between where we are and where we want to be. We do not enjoy such a place. We want to move out of it and do something worthwhile.  Advent reminds us to be patient as we wait on the Lord.  In the meantime, we are encouraged to look back over our life to see how we have prepared a place for Christ to be born again in our lives and in the lives of those whom we love.  We are watchful and alert! While we are waiting, come Lord Jesus.

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