By Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa

In the midst of our difficulties, our fears in sickness and death, Jesus invites us to come to him to a peaceful and lonely place to refocus on what is essential, to contemplate with him and to take refuge in him. He invites us to return to our inner self to listen to His Spirit and contemplate what we really are: the children of God, loved by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

He invites us to calmly and lovingly reread God's Word to deepen our faith in a God who joins us in our difficulties as well as in our joys.

Jesus invites us to look at the events in the light of God: as God sees them and to regain peace and serenity. We're in his hands! Let us not exhaust ourselves to fight against an invisible enemy. Let us trust in God alone: “Rise, and do not be afraid… I am with you!”

In a peaceful place, let us listen again to this song of Taizé: « Nade Te Turbe ».

(Click the link to listen to the song:


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