Inviting God – Simple, Creative Prayers for Meetings

Inviting God – Simple, Creative Prayers for Meetings SALE

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People of faith believe that God is with us in every situation—including meetings! Beginning meetings with a prayer helps to create a positive tone and focus the discussion on the bigger picture, beyond our limited vision. But how do you find the right prayer, for the right purpose, with the best corresponding Scripture passage?

Each prayer in this user-friendly, faith-filled collection begins with a quote from Scripture and takes only a few minutes. These simple yet deeply reflective prayers cover a wide range of situations.

• When the liturgical season, feast days, or holidays warrant celebration
• When a particular virtue or gift is needed
• When a cause or issue is paramount
• When nature is a source of inspiration
• When guidance from a saint is particularly needed


Author: Krystyna Higgins

112 pages, 5.25” x 6.75”