Healing Wounded Emotions: Overcoming Life's Hurts

Healing Wounded Emotions: Overcoming Life's Hurts

Bayard Philippines


A bestseller for over a decade, this book explains how our emotional and spiritual lives interact. Challenges readers to live fuller, more satisfying lives.

  1. Problems: Is Anyone Exempt?
  2. Religion: Peace or Turmoil?
  3. Religion and Psychology: Compatible?
  4. "God's Will": Or Is It?
  5. Anger: Virtue or Vice?
  6. Forgiving: Does That Mean Forgetting?
  7. Self-Forgiveness: Is It Overlooked?
  8. Guilt: Stimulent or Torment?
  9. Depression: Can We Express It?
  10. Self-Criticism: Or Self-Condemnation?
  11. Self-Love: A Conflict of Interests?
  12. Giving: Or Giving In?
  13. Compassion: How Much Does It Matter?
  14. Change: What Can We Change?
  15. Roots: Do You Know Yourself?
  16. Affirmation: Why Do We Need It?


Author: Martin H. Padovani

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