Ash Wednesday on St. Valentine's Day

Ash Wednesday on St. Valentine's Day

By Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa

Lent is not primarily a time of privation and sacrifice. First of all, it is a time to rekindle our love of God and others: "Return to the Lord your God!"

This year, on Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day is celebrated. Isn't that a sign?


Isn't the season of Lent a time to fall in love with God again, with others, to take the time for love ourselves? Thanks to the three attitudes that the Church recommends to follow Jesus: fasting, prayer and sharing.


So, let us take the time to contemplate God, to know Him, to read and meditate on His Word. Let's make time with others not on social media, but in person. Let us take the time to meet them, to listen to them, to rejoice with them, to be compassionate.


Let us take time to get to know ourselves, to recognize our qualities and our faults, our fears and our hopes, our areas of light and shadow, without forgetting to say thank you to God, to our parents, to our friends for the gifts received. Let us taste the silence, let us rediscover our interiority. Then we can become brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God.

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