Human Trafficking: a plague in modern day society

Human Trafficking: a plague in modern day society

By Jess Avisado


On Feb. 4, this coming Sunday, the Church celebrates Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking. It is fitting that as we celebrate the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we are once again reminded of one of the social teachings of the Church, that is, people are not things. They have dignity.


Human trafficking is a heinous and pervasive crime that continues to plague societies around the world, transcending borders, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses. Reflecting on this issue evokes a profound sense of concern, empathy, and a call to action. Human trafficking represents a gross violation of basic human rights, exploiting vulnerable individuals for financial gain. It takes various forms, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, and involuntary servitude. The victims, often marginalized and disenfranchised individuals.


This Sunday, let us pray for those who are victims of human trafficking. Let us offer their pains and struggles to the Lord so that those who are guilty of the crime may find be bothered by their conscience to do what’s right. Amen.

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