Become open doors!

Become open doors!
by Father Bernard Holzer, aa

Pope Francis just came back from a three-day apostolic visit to Hungary.

In his homily during his last Mass in the country, on Sunday 30, he sent us a strong message: “Like Jesus, we must become open doors.”

“How sad and painful it is to see closed doors. The closed doors of our selfishness with regard to others; the closed doors of our individualism amid a society of growing isolation; the closed doors of our indifference towards the underprivileged and those who suffer; the doors we close towards those who are foreign or unlike us, towards migrants or the poor. Closed doors also within our ecclesial communities: doors closed to other people, closed to the world, closed to those who are “irregular”, closed to those who long for God’s forgiveness. Please, brothers and sisters, let us open those doors! Let us try to be – in our words, deeds and daily activities – like Jesus, an open door: a door that is never shut in anyone’s face, a door that enables everyone to enter and experience the beauty of the Lord’s love and forgiveness.”

What are the doors I must open? What are the locks I need to blow up to change and to build peace and fraternity?

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