Dominus est!

Dominus est!

By Mel Jasmin

 “It is the Lord!” This is the episcopal motto of former Manila archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle- Dominus est! It is the Lord!

This declaration made by the disciples was an experience of Easter joy. This is their story with the Risen One. God fills us when we are empty, when we are hungry, when we are in need. The empty tomb experience of the disciples points to us that we become witnesses of the Risen One because God filled us with His Spirit of Joy, Peace and Love. Those who recognize the Risen One are the ones who experienced His loving presence (enough food, security, being forgiven and loved, etc.). Jesus Christ taught us to give selflessly (His passion and death) and we learn how to receive graciously (that is, we acknowledge that we can only do so much and the rest, we rely on God). What is your experience of Easter joy?

The disciples, as fishermen, were real professionals. They knew what they were doing when it came to fish. That was why they went out at night: experience has taught them this was the most productive time. But on this occasion, they fished with a singular lack of success. When morning came, their nets were as empty as when they'd begun. We can imagine their feelings: tired, frustrated, tetchy, baffled, hungry.

We, too, think that we are professionals and we know what we are doing. But many times, we encounter things beyond our expectations. And deep inside we know, it is not because of our own doing. It is the Lord’s!

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