Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

By Nette Pinon

Happy birthday! Don’t be surprised because every Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the birthday of the Catholic Church.

We may not read so much about the Holy Spirit but the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, is literally “he who is called to one’s side,” advocatus in Latin. The Paraclete is commonly translated by “consoler”, and Jesus is the first consoler. The Lord also called the Holy Spirit, “the Spirit of Truth”.

So, every time we have problems and we pray for consolation, we are in fact, praying for the consoler- the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit – to be at our side to guide us through the pains and trials in life.

And Jesus sends the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day. How about now? What are the things that bother you? Phone a friend? Yes. Call the Paraclete and he will be there to console you.

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