Journeying to the Eucharist

Journeying to the Eucharist

By Rems Noquiao

Next Sunday, our Gospel is Luke 24:28-35, more popularly known as the “Road to Emmaus.”

What is it in journeying and partaking a meal that have become a symbol of God after the resurrection? The disciples walked with Jesus without realizing that it was him. They thought he was an unknown stranger, who did not have any idea about the crucifixion of the Christ. Jesus’ true identity was not revealed to them. Perhaps because Jesus looked differently after the resurrection, or perhaps they were prevented from doing so. They did not see any sign during their travel. Where did they see the sign? In the breaking of the bread! That was the time their eyes were opened to the true identity of the stranger they travelled with. Jesus and the disciples sat down together. He got the bread and the fish and blest them. That act of blessing revealed Christ’s identity to them.

The Holy Eucharist is the event when Christ, in the person of the priest, blesses the bread and wine. It is the summit of our own roads to Emmaus, so that Christ’s identity, too, be revealed in us. And so, every time we hear Mass, our hearts too, should be burning within like the two disciples Jesus travelled with. It is our initial response of love, as the Eucharist is a sacrament of love!

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