Remembering our fathers

Remembering our fathers

By Judith Ayo

Before, remembering our fathers was not given much attention unlike today. People say that this move seems to be a marketing strategy of networks for profit. This is so because modern gadgets present the easiest and quickest way of sending and receiving messages. Thus, the people buy and take this mode of communication. But whether this is for business or not, it has awaken in us to remember and honor the person who has a key role in everyone’s life.

Actually, remembering has nothing to do with social status. It is the need for awareness of its importance that should be accepted. Whether a father is rich or poor, old or young, remembering can be done wholeheartedly. The usual way of remembering however, will be different today because of the pandemic but we can always innovate following health protocols.

Instead of a hug or a kiss, we can use sign language from a distance. We can still send special greetings, messenges, gifts, prayers, mass intentions, and many more. Any gesture dedicated to a PAPA, TATAY, DADDY is a salute to the greatness of a father.

To all fathers then- your DAY is a big EVENT for all of us!

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