St. Isidore Labrador, a farmer: model of simplicity

St. Isidore Labrador, a farmer: model of simplicity

By Judith Ayo

St. Isidore Labrador, a Spanish saint, was born in Madrid in 1080. His family was “humildisima” meaning simple and humble. He was a dedicated worker and a prayerful man. It is said that he never failed to attend mass every morning at the church of San Andres. (Biography of San Isidro Labrador)

 The story of St. Isidore draws us to the SIMPLICITY of life. The acts of kindness and love for the people and even to animals mark the best part of his life. His dedication and faithfulness to the Lord lead him to sainthood. As St. Therese of Lisieux puts it, “simple and little ways done with a humble heart can make a saint.” (33 Days to Merciful Love)

 Knowing the life of St. Isidore reminds us that one can be a “saint” by just being a farmer. Farmers should be inspired by his life and not think of themselves as the “haggard men with the hoe who earn their living by the sweat of their brow.” The government and society must consider them as the highly esteemed and important workers who provide us the food that we eat.

 With Covid-19, a NEED for only the basics and the essentials is called for - no fun and no frills. Earthly possessions are said to be “out”. Let then the life of St. Isidore bring back the strong faith we have within us. Our time demands the “farmer” side in all of us - to be simply PRODUCTIVE!

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