Take care of your brothers

Take care of your brothers

By Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa


 In his Message for the World Day of the Sick (on February 11), Pope Francis is inviting us to meditate about illness and about care: “Take care of your brothers.” He is inviting us to get involved after the Covi-19 pandemic.

“These past years of the pandemic have increased our sense of gratitude for those who work each day in the fields of healthcare and research. Yet it is not enough to emerge from such an immense collective tragedy simply by honoring heroes. Covid-19 has strained the great networks of expertise and solidarity, and has exposed the structural limits of existing public welfare systems.  Gratitude, then, needs to be matched by actively seeking, in every country, strategies and resources in order to guarantee each person’s fundamental right to basic and decent healthcare...”

Sick people, in fact, are at the center of God’s people, and the Church advances together with them as a sign of a humanity in which everyone is precious and no one should be discarded or left behind.

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