Divine Mercy, God’s Greatest Attribute By Judith Ayo

Divine Mercy, God’s Greatest Attribute By Judith Ayo
Pope John Paul II instituted the “Feast of Mercy” during Sr. Maria Faustina Kowalska’s canonization in 2000 stating that the Second Sunday of Easter would be called “Divine Mercy Sunday” and that he was passing such message to the new millennium. (Booklet of the Divine Mercy, Messages and Devotion).

The time of mercy then is NOW!
Truly, at my age, everything seems too complex, creating the concept “hidden emotional world” within me. I have my weaknesses - countless of them. But I survive and become a fulfilled retired teacher. Why? Jesus’ MERCY works silently in times of my struggle, trials and pain. He walks with me and crosses the bridges that come my way.
In God’s mercy, life’s challenges become light and sweet. Illnesses are cured, troubles resolved and awards unexpectedly received.
St. Catherine of Sienna states it more clearly and I agree when she says, “O mercy!...wherever I turn my thoughts, I find nothing but MERCY!” (The Dialogue 30)
The core message of the Divine Mercy is: “Fear nothing – I am always with you.” If one responds with a sincere heart: “Jesus, I trust in You”, the person finds comfort in all his insecurities and fears.
St. Thomas Aquinas has these words, too – “In God’s relationship with His creatures, MERCY is his greatest attribute.”
How wonderful these messages are! And with them, in mind and heart, let us try to live each day immersed in Jesus’ merciful LOVE, especially during this pandemic.
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